Saint-Denis International School

A quest for excellence since 1858



High School

The High School at Saint Denis starts in 10th grade/Year 11 and culminates in 12th grade/Year 13 with the French Baccalaureate. We offer a range of different programmes adapted to the strengths of our students, including:

  • ES (Economic and Social Sciences)
  • L (Literature and Languages)
  • S-SVT (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths)
  • S-SI (Physics, Engineering and Maths) and STMG (Technology, Management, Marketing and Communications).

In addition to the French Baccalaureate programme, international students benefit from a unique French as a Foreign Language programme. This eases their transition into the French system and helps them succeed in their French exams.  We also offer European Sections aimed towards English and Spanish language proficiency. The International Section is ideal for fluent, English speaking students. They are able to study IGCSE and International AS level curriculums in preparation for higher education worldwide.

Our boarding houses and associated extra-curricular activities enable students to grow and learn in a safe and fun environment.  Study periods in the evening coupled with support from experienced staff facilitate the development of students into autonomous learners.  Students can choose to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities both within the school and in the community. Our dedicated staff is committed to supporting and guiding students as they progress throughout their high school career.


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