Saint-Denis International School

A quest for excellence since 1858



About Saint Denis

A quest for excellence since 1858...

Saint Denis, established in 1858, is a private Catholic school under contract to the French State, situated in the Loire Valley with over 800 students on roll. It is composed of a preschool and primary school, Saint Martin, as well as a middle and high school, Saint Denis. We also offer a weekday boarding house for pupils in the middle and high school and currently have over 400 boarding students.

We offer the French Baccalaureate in the L, S, ES and STMG streams. This is supplemented by the teaching of History and Geography in English by native speakers in our European Sections (of approximately 300 students) following the French National Syllabus.

We also have an International Section. These students take regular French classes and further English language courses in History and Geography. They also study English Literature to IGCSE and AS Level following the Cambridge International Programme.  In 10th grade/Year 11 students also take Economics and Religion classes in English.


We have a wide cultural mix in the school since we actively recruit students from around the world although the majority of our study body comes from France.

Academic excellence is as important as developing personnel skills and we encourage students to become autonomous learners by giving them positions of responsibility in a variety of extra-curricular activities, for example the Board of Saint Denis Students.


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